I want to use the media gallery image optimization.I read in the doc that I have to tun the media.gallery.renditions.update.

I tried with the next command

bin/magento queue:consumers:start media.gallery.renditions.update

But he finishes it, he just waits and nothing happens. There is another way to run the queue consumers or how optimize the images from wysiwyg folder? Thanks!


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Typo mistake in cmd.

Its : bin/magento queue:consumer:start media.gallery.renditions.update

I've noticed the same behaviour aswell while trying to assign many products to a website.

Although after letting it run (with no visual progress) or something it executed the command successfully.

You can try to run the job "consumers_runner" with magerun (https://files.magerun.net/)

with the command

sys:cron:run consumers_runner

and try

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