I looked into adding the ability to:

  1. Like (Facebook)
  2. Share (Facebook)
  3. Tweet (Twitter)
  4. Share (Google+)

On the product page. To do so, I used the code snippets available directly from each of the social media platforms developer consoles, namely:


I believed that this would be the most minimalistic approach to adding support for social media (as opposed to installing an extension to do so). The result though was not pleasing. :-/


  • Page load time: 1.96s
  • Total page size: 233KB
  • Total number of requests: 34


  • Page load time: 3.02s
  • Total page size: 783KB
  • Total number of requests: 50

Using http://gtmetrix.com/ to analyze performance. That's horrific! Am I approaching this badly? Would appreciate some input.


After doing quite a lot of research I came to the following conclusions:

Pitfalls of social share buttons

  • Dependent on Javascript
  • Downloads 3rd party resources
  • Adds additional http requests
  • Adds additional page weight

1. Directly from the developer

If you access any of the links I mentioned in the question (i.e the developer zone for Facebook/Twitter/Google+), these share buttons with the counter mechanism fall to all of the aforementioned pitfalls.

2. Custom lightweight buttons

I decided to go with custom buttons I designed for myself using simple CSS/HTML, no JS. I merged the buttons using splicing techniques and ended up adding about 3KB to my page size and a single request.

You can also add text, hashtags, mentions etc. Simple read the developer information from the social media suites directly & you'll be good to go.

The counter method (i.e seeing how many people share a page) unfortunately is not possible with static links like this, you will need some JS on the page & that's something I for one am willing to give up for sake of performance.

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