In Magento CE 2.4.5, I imported the page data in the cms_page table by sql, and 404 appeared in the access address. What should I do if the page cannot be found

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I think you have not imported the data correctly.

CMS pages data resides in two main tables, i.e. cms_page and cms_page_store.

In order to fix the problem, you would need to import data of both tables correctly.

Also, you need to make sure that after importing, cms_page_store has the correct value of page_id corresponding to the cms_page table.


For importing cms_page data best way to collect sample data(or export) make the changes and import the same file. Two tables are where your data shall go :

cms_page : page_id smallint Auto Increment Entity ID title varchar(255) NULL Page Title page_layout varchar(255) NULL Page Layout meta_keywords text NULL Page Meta Keywords meta_description text NULL Page Meta Description identifier varchar(100) NULL Page String Identifier content_heading varchar(255) NULL Page Content Heading content mediumtext NULL Page Content creation_time timestamp [CURRENT_TIMESTAMP] Page Creation Time update_time timestamp [CURRENT_TIMESTAMP] Page Modification Time is_active smallint [1] Is Page Active sort_order smallint [0] Page Sort Order layout_update_xml text NULL Page Layout Update Content custom_theme varchar(100) NULL Page Custom Theme custom_root_template varchar(255) NULL Page Custom Template custom_layout_update_xml text NULL Page Custom Layout Update Content layout_update_selected varchar(128) NULL Page Custom Layout File custom_theme_from date NULL Page Custom Theme Active From Date custom_theme_to date NULL Page Custom Theme Active To Date meta_title varchar(255) NULL Page Meta Title


cms_page_store : page_id smallint Entity ID store_id smallint unsigned Store ID

So important things : in cms_page_store table there is a mapping between Store ID and page ID. Do check they are there.

in cms_page : make sure that Identifier and is_active is properly imported. plus page id relates to cms_page_store

As these are pretty small tables and not complex I feel this is the faster way to debug and fix.

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