I am creating admin form using template I have multiple select dropdown. I want to filter dropdown based on the value of other but problem is how i can assign the javascript value to php variable so that i can send the id to the function in block and it send me the filtered collection for another select dropdown

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All the dropdown collections is coming from Block (methods). I want to filter Level From and Level To dropdown based on the selected value of Color Code Dropdown ,Now I can easily get the value of selected dropdown using jquery how i can pass that value to php so that i can filter the respective dropdown accordingly.

Please help Thanks in Advanced !!

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You could do it on reverse, passing php data as options to a custom js AMD module so that it's all handled via js.
Add listeners to each dropdown and based on the value selected render the options of the next dropdown..
I don't know if there's a better way, but it's an idea.

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