I am struggling with selecting Tax Rates in Magento 2.4.4.

There was a fantastic answer to this issue: How to select multiple tax-rate In Magento 2?

Where the Console code lets us select ALL tax rates listed. However, I need to select only 20,000 of 40,000 tax rates. And I'd really like to not do that manually. Is anyone able to edit this code to allow a text search?

I was trying (without any luck) all sorts of versions of something like:

$( ".mselect-fixed label" ).each(function( index ) {
  else if($(this).children("span").includes("WI")){$(this).trigger('click');

tax rates selected in Magento 2

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Tested on 2.4.3-p1.

The following code selects the first 2 rates. Replace 2 with 20000 and it should work.

  $( ".mselect-list-item label" ).each(function(index) { 
    if(index < 2)

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