I have some heavy developments on my Left Hand Layered Navigation , in Category View Page.So its taking time to load , and increasing the page load time.

I have already done code optimization and rest of my code is not possible to remove from layered navigation because of client requirement..

So I want to do some thing like this first load all products list then load layered navigation but note it should not increase page load time

So If it is possible anyhow that , I can load the navigation after page load then It will be very good for me.

Please help me and give me some suggestion

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Layered navigation block does 2 things:

  1. it builds the left filters
  2. it adds SQL conditions to the product collection.

So you have to load the navigation first, then the product collection. Otherwise you'll always show all products in a category.

The solution is to split building left filters block and generating conditions for the product collection.

It allows you to load Mage_Catalog_Layere_View block via, say, AJAX call after the page load.

  • how can we do this.can you give some solution? – Amit Bera Sep 20 '14 at 16:46

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