I want to create an indexer for my custom EAV entity (for learning purposes only). I have the following tables:


In the table custom_employee_entity I have column first_name and for example, in the table custom_employee_entity_decimal I have the value of EAV attribute salary. So what I want is to create an indexer that will save (On update or by Schedule) employee names and salaries in some table so then I will be able to show it on the frontend, I know it's not useful but as I said I just want to learn and understand how to implement something like this. Thanks for any help)

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Magento official document has a document very details for creating a custom indexer, let's take a look and try to apply it to your custom module: https://developer.adobe.com/commerce/php/development/components/indexing/custom-indexer/

If you found anything does not clear or you had any issues, create a new question for that, and we'll help.

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