There is an answer here : How to move VAT field in checkout

This does not explain how to move it also for the billing address. I imagine it's possible to combine these moves in the same file but I don't know how to do it.

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So you have to add the custom module to move the vat from first with the link that you attached. And in the afterProcess() function, add the codes with this.

$whereBilling = $this->_helper->getConfig('checkout/options/display_billing_address_on');

        if ($whereBilling == 0) {
            //$paymentsList = [ "checkmo-form", "cashondeliver-form", "purchaseorder-form", ];
            $paymentsList = $this->getActivePaymentMethods();
            foreach ($paymentsList as $payment_code => $model) {
            ['payment']['children']['payments-list']['children'][$paymment_name]['children']['street']['vat_id']['sortOrder'] = 20;
} else {
            ['payment']['children']['afterMethods']['children']['billing-address-form']['children']['form-fields']['children']['vat_id']['sortOrder'] = 20;

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