Magento 2.4

Is it somehow possible to remove parts of the content of a CMS page before it is shown to the user? Is there a renderer I could overwrite?

Example: The content of my CMS page is this: hello world, what a nice day today!

Before it is shown to the user, I want to remove the "today", but not from the page itself, just when the page is being viewed.


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There will be several ways to do this, I am sharing here 2 methods which I am aware of

  • Replace the content in the server itself
  • Replace the content in the client

Method 1:

You can do this either by after plugin or by using observer here I am proving an ex using observer

Create a events.xml file to subscribe cms_page_render event. This event will be triggered after the cms content is generated.

<event name="cms_page_render">
    <observer name="your_module_cms" instance="Your\Module\Observer\AffectCmsPageRender" />

Create the Observer Model where you can modify the content as per your need

class AffectCmsPageRender implements ObserverInterface
    public function execute(EventObserver $observer)
        $page = $observer->getPage();
        $content = $page->getContent();
         * Modify Content as per your need
        return $this;

Method 2:

Use JavaScript to modify the content before its visible to the user using require js 'domReady!'

  • I went with the observer method, works like a charm, BIG THANKS! Oct 27, 2022 at 20:52

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