What event do I need to observe to see what shipping methods are available for a given quote

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You can listen to the "sales_quote_save_after" event, then use the quote to get the shipping rates. The following code can be used to get the list of shipping rates.

  • thanks!, is there a way to add another code to be included in the quote
    – pzirkind
    Sep 17, 2014 at 15:07

There are lot of event.But i cannot find any proper event.



checkout_cart_save_after and sales_quote_collect_totals_after better because it trigger always whenever you have done any changes.

but you get list of available shipping methods.then we need some code at observer

   $quoteShippingAddress = $quote->getShippingAddress();
        if (!is_null($quoteShippingAddress->getId())) {

        try {
            $groupedRates = $quoteShippingAddress->getGroupedAllShippingRates();

            $ratesResult = array();
            foreach ($groupedRates as $carrierCode => $rates ) {
                $carrierName = $carrierCode;
                if (!is_null(Mage::getStoreConfig('carriers/'.$carrierCode.'/title'))) {
                    $carrierName = Mage::getStoreConfig('carriers/'.$carrierCode.'/title');

                foreach ($rates as $rate) {

                    $ratesResult[] =  $rate;

        } catch (Mage_Core_Exception $e) {

Here $result give of shipping method

  • @Amit this event is not calling, Whenever I am changing the address data like postcode, country, region.
    – Himanshu
    Oct 22, 2018 at 13:37
  • What event used for getting shipping methods before place an order?
    – zus
    Aug 16, 2019 at 5:45

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