In my project a custom customer attribute was using and save the value in the table on customer registration. Attribute id was phone_number

I want to get this phone number value and send an sms using another module, Event is customer_register_success

In my sms module i am trying to get the attribute value by this

if($myCustomAttribute = $customer->getCustomAttribute('phone_number')) {
     $mobileNumber =  $myCustomAttribute->getValue();
     $this->logger->critical("phone number Is".$mobileNumber);
     $this->logger->critical("No phone number available");

Every time i try to register i am getting the message as this No phone number available. But the phone number value was saved in the customer_entity_varchar table and after redirection i can see the phone number from customer dashboard too.

Which thing prevent me here to access this phone number on this event call? Can you please suggest me a better way to approach this. Kindly note this phone_number attribute is a Custom customer attribute and set value from another table.

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I used

$phoneNumber = $customer->getData( 'phone_number');

instead of


worked for me.

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