I'm looking to output a base original price for a configurable product with both "price" and "special_price" set. For simplicity's sake I'm concerned only about the first such linked product's attributes.

The problem is, I cannot pull the base "price" from inside list.phtml like I can from final_price.html. Only special (after discount) price is available. When I call $_product->getPrice() (or any other million methods) I always get 0 and a message:

Call to a member function getPrice() on null

But the very same method works fine elsewhere. What am I doing wrong there? Why is that price available inside Magento_ConfigurableProduct module but not inside Magento_Catalog module?

Edit: so it appears the data is being pulled from the main configurable product that has "price": 0 and "attribute_code": "special_price", "value": "170.000000" attributes. So the question is, how can I pull the price data for the first simple product linked to that configurable product?


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