I am trying to change the default store/website in multiple website projects. When I try to log in to the admin and I typed the wrong admin URL then the user redirects to the store abc I want to redirect the user to the other store instead. Same When I try to create a product the product gets created store abc automatically but it should get created in another store.

I tried to change the default page setting but the 404 page on the admin side served from the same store.

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First thing you need to set store links according to Your store as

Backend > Stores > Setting > Configuration > Go to General Tab > Web > Base URLs

For Default Config you need to set one URL, for Another Store you need to set another URL. You do not use USE SYSTEM VALUE.

You have also set some other setting as Session Validation Setting Set to NO.

Also you need to set No to Single-Store Mode under General Setting.

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