I want to create an admin user whose access is only to read the products in Magento 2. I checked but was only able to give the user access together with Edit and Delete action which I don't want to give

The access that I want to give to the admin user

  • Product View

The access that I don't want to give to the admin user

  • Product Edit
  • Product Delete

Seeking help to provide solution or the nearest possible solution that can help achieve solution on this matters

Thank you


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There is no such option in Magento 2, you may create a system configuration where you can select admin users to prevent edit and delete the Product. And you can add your custom JS code on catalog/product/index and catalog/product/edit Page to remove Add New Product, Maas Action drop-down and from the edit page you can remove Add Attribute and Save Button.

Or you can create a plugin before save and delete, and add your logic there.


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