I try to develop a cart price rule for the following scenario: I offer a configurable product in three sizes, i.e. SKU Product_A for the parent and SKU Product_A_Medium, Product_A_Large and Product_A_Xlarge for the children. If a customer buys at least two items of the product (regardless of the size), I would like to offer a 10% discount on each of the products.

I created this rule:

Apply the rule only if the following conditions are met

If ALL of these conditions are TRUE: If an item is FOUND in the cart with ALL of these conditions true: Quantity in cart equals or greater than 2 SKU is Product_A


Apply Precent of product price discount Discount Amount 10

Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions

If ALL of these conditions are TRUE SKU is Product_A

It works fine whenever a customer buys at least two items of the same size. However, I want the rule to be applied also in case the customer choses 2 items of a different size. Is it possible? Thanks for your help!

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Please try using ANY instead of All

  • Using Any instead of All works. I found an alternative solution seconds ago: If ALL of these conditions TRUE If total quantity equals or greater than 2 for a subselection of items in cart matching ALL of these conditions SKU is Product_A
    – chappachoo
    Sep 15, 2022 at 12:46

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