I've configured our Magento 2 transactional emails, they are sending correctly and content is mostly correct. We use Royal Mail for most shipping and the Magento order shipment is automatically updated with a Royal Mail shipment reference and included in the order shipment email for each despatch.

The default order shipment template includes the shipment reference and also the text label 'Tracking number', this will obviously lead to customer confusion as it isn't specifically a tracking reference. The email tracking link is linked to our website rather than Royal Mail tracking and displays the shipment reference, no tracking details.

My question is; where can I find the text labels and links used in the email template in order to correct them? I'm assuming this line is calling the information I need to edit:

layout handle="sales_email_order_shipment_track" shipment_id=$shipment_id order_id=$order_id


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You can through https://developer.adobe.com/commerce/frontend-core/guide/templates/email/ to know more about transactional email templates and how you can customize them.

layout handle sales_email_order_shipment_track corresponds to vendor/magento/module-sales/view/frontend/layout/sales_email_order_shipment_track.xml

  • Thanks for the useful link, there's some helpful information there. However, it doesn't tell me where I can find the specific text I'm attempting to modify, it's the 'layout handle' which is calling a block or similar which is rendering the text. This is not covered in the Adobe doc.
    – Sparko
    Commented Sep 16, 2022 at 13:21
  • @Sparko I have added one more point. Commented Sep 19, 2022 at 5:16
  • Thanks Anshu. It appears I'm looking in the wrong place for the text and formatting I need, I'll have to spend a little more time on this problem.
    – Sparko
    Commented Oct 7, 2022 at 14:48

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