I'm Creating PWA Website and I don't find any API for multi-shipping (Ship to Multiple Addresses).

I have checked Grapql on Magento's doc https://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.4/graphql/mutations/set-shipping-address.html#syntaxpage but there is no option to set the address for each item.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?

  • Did you get any solution for this ? Actually I also need an API to add multiple shipping address. Oct 27, 2022 at 9:56
  • I'm working on custom module to achieve this task
    – Arunendra
    Oct 27, 2022 at 10:33
  • @Arunendra did you find solution for this?
    – MagentoDev
    Apr 13 at 6:49

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I'm not sure there is a GraphQL endpoint in core Magento that allows you to define multiple shipping addresses on a given cart. The core setShippingAddressesOnCart mutation does NOT allow multiple addresses, confirmed in the resolver class \Magento\QuoteGraphQl\Model\Cart\SetShippingAddressesOnCart::execute

if (count($shippingAddressesInput) > 1) {
    throw new GraphQlInputException(
        __('You cannot specify multiple shipping addresses.')

Looks like this feature was dropped by the Magento dev team due to low priority. I can see that a PR was raised for GraphQL multi-shipping however:

Looks like you will have to build this resolver yourself, the PR linked above should serve as a solid starting point.

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