I'm setting up an integration between Magento 2 and Salesforce through the Magento API, all products, customers, orders and carts without problem, but I can't access newsletter subscribers through API.

I have tried to use the call /rest/all/V1/subscribers but it gives me an error, that it does not exist.

Can somebody help me? Thanks

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the customer API {{magento_url}}index.php/rest/V1/customers/search?searchCriteria[pageSize]=100&searchCriteria[currentPage]=1

that you seem to have already, will give you the subscribers towards the end of the API response for each customer record, you can find the attribute: is_subscribed

Below is a snippet from a response on my local machine,

"disable_auto_group_change": 0,
            "extension_attributes": {
                "is_subscribed": false
            "custom_attributes": [
                    "attribute_code": "reward_update_notification",
                    "value": "0"

Thanks for de answer, but the problem is with the visitors, these visiting subscribers are not created in the customers table, however they are created in the subscribers table.

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