Using Magento 2.4.3-p2 Using Porto 4.0.1 theme Using PHP 7.4

A customer has reported that they were unable to reset their own password. I've triggered a reset link via the back end (and they have triggered the reset email to get sent to them too)

The reset email arrives and the link takes them to a password reset page, but after they have entered the password (after meeting the minimum requirements) and correctly completed the captcha they get this error message.

Password error image

I thought this might have been an isolated incident or something to do with the account having been migrated from a very old source... So I created a brand new account and successfully completed the signup process - after logging out and then attempting to trigger my OWN password reset, I too am met with the same error message as above.

All accounts - new and old are now unable to reset their passwords if they have forgotten them!

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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You may evaluate that there is in general a problem regarding cookie setting and / or session initating.

I would suggest:

Check table session Check table core_config_data Check table customer_entity password_hash field

Check your base_url MUST end with a slash

bin/magento config:set web/secure/base_url bin/magento config:set web/unsecure/base_url

However first I would check if my changes take effect in the correponding db tables.

You could also simulate first with magento cli



  • Thanks for the pointers. I've confirmed in the database itself and the magento backend that the base URL ends with a slash
    – Lexifir
    Aug 25, 2022 at 13:39
  • ...also ... Core_config_Data has over 1000 entries, but I can see that the base URL there has the / at the end of the line. Was there something else that I might check? Table Customer_Entity and column 'password_hash' is populated with a hash value. the rp_token (reset password token) is also populated Both older accounts and one I have just created appear to be correctly formed in the database.
    – Lexifir
    Aug 25, 2022 at 13:47
  • You may evaluate DBeaver as your RDMS Tool. Functions and UI is overwhelming but also intimidating. It gives you also graphical overview of relations and much more.
    – Kiteman
    Sep 16, 2022 at 13:52

In my case I had to change my custom theme (porto) file: app/design/frontend/Smartwave/porto/Magento_Customer/templates/form/resetforgottenpassword.phtml

and introduce new form param id like following:

['id' => $block->getRpCustomerId(), 'token' => $block->getRequest()->getParam("token")]

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