Hello i'd like to understand how to enable all possible error log that can happen in my Magento 2.4.4 in production mode since website is live. I checked that in var/log folder there are usefull files but it's all there? Thanks

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In production mode Magento writes to log all designed messages except debug level. First of all you need to check var/log/system.log (in some cases more useful var/log/support_report.log) and var/log/exception.log.

Some Magento modules can write separate logs and they will be stored in the same var/log directory also (usually).

If you want to properly handle Magento logs I suggest to configure logrotate. It helps you to organize and archive your logs.

Also Magento writes Report log for any unhandled errors and writes into var/report directory.

I'm strongly suggest to don't forget to enable PHP error log on production and monitor it as well. See log_errors and error_log parameters.

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