I want remove Shipping Information, Shipping method, and Payment method for now i don't need to add all of this, i only want customer can view product detail and go for checkout.

i tried to remove it at time of checkout it giving me error message that process can not go further for checkout.

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Please use virtual product type. It removes everything about the shipping.

For the payment enable single option Money Order


Amasty give a good idea.But if you want checkout all type of Product using checkout

Then follow below steps:

step1: make shipping same as billing address.

Step2:On Billing save action programmatically set free shipping as shipping method.

may like:

add below code which set shipping method on checkout after $this->getOnepage()->saveBilling($data, $customerAddressId);


Step3: Also on billing save action programmatically save Zero Subtotal payment as payment or any available payment gateway. exmaple:

        $paymentData = $this->_preparePaymentData($paymentData);
        if ($quote->isVirtual()) {
        } else {
            // check if shipping address is set
            if (is_null($quote->getShippingAddress()->getId())) {
               // error
                isset($paymentData['method']) ? $paymentData['method'] : null

        if (!$quote->isVirtual() && $quote->getShippingAddress()) {

        $total = $quote->getBaseSubtotal();
        try {
            $payment = $quote->getPayment();
            $payment->importData(array('method' => 'free'));
        } catch (Mage_Core_Exception $e) {


Step4: Goto review step using json return like:

try {

            // get section and redirect data
            $redirectUrl = $this->getOnepage()->getQuote()->getPayment()->getCheckoutRedirectUrl();
            if (empty($result['error']) && !$redirectUrl) {
                $result['goto_section'] = 'review';
                $result['update_section'] = array(
                    'name' => 'review',
                    'html' => $this->_getReviewHtml()
            if ($redirectUrl) {
                $result['redirect'] = $redirectUrl;
        } catch (Mage_Payment_Exception $e) {
            if ($e->getFields()) {
                $result['fields'] = $e->getFields();
            $result['error'] = $e->getMessage();
        } catch (Mage_Core_Exception $e) {
            $result['error'] = $e->getMessage();
        } catch (Exception $e) {
            $result['error'] = $this->__('Unable to set Payment Method.');

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