Magento doesn't have a Tamil language package in the locale option of the admin panel. How to install a custom 'Tamil' language package and use it.

Following these steps(image) able to add in the adminpanel, But it's not translating, How to configure with Tamil lang package? enter image description here

Tried this below link also,


Not worked. Please share your solutions.


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for your information. Magento2 doesn't have any official or custom Tamil (தமிழ்) language packages available AFAIK. Sadly there exists no language package with ta_IN. (Yes it's a shame really)

All the available Magento2 language packs can be found here


Your question has been answered.

Solution: Let's create a Tamil Language Package for Magento2. It's high time to make Magento world understand the world's oldest and richest classical language.

Let me take the initiative for this project and create a new language pack for Tamil this week and any Tamil enthusiasts in Magento community can join and contribute to this language pack.

PS: I'll keep this thread updated once the package is ready.

  • Thank you for your reply. Yes, Magento world should include the Tamil language also, but it's not... Anyway, I tried creating a new custom language package. But it's not worked. Please share the Tamil language package once you are done with that or any reference link to follow.
    – Emily
    Aug 2, 2022 at 7:23

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