I have my sandbox env and production env working with the same auth.json.

For some reason When we tried to push a feature in prod today, the archive was unable to be found (404).

But the credentials from auth.json is 100% fine as it works on the sandbox env.

I'm wondering if the module hasn't change his location or name.

But when i try to hit it in a simple get query in the navigator it's asking obviously for the authentification...ignoring the fact that i'm connected or not to the magento account.


Do I have a way to try to access these achives folder to see what's in there ? Without getting

You haven't provided your Magento authentication keys. For instructions, visit https://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.3/install-gde/prereq/connect-auth.html

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repo.magento.com uses http-basic auth. In the past I have been able to download the zip files by copying the full URL from my composer.lock file and putting public_key:private_key@ between the https:// and the rest of the URL when trying to open it in Chrome. Today I can't seem to get it to work for anything but the json files.

Is is possible the keys being used are different between the environments? Composer will take auth details from a number of places including:

  • Global auth.json,
  • Project/Repo auth.json,
  • Auth creds stored in composer.json,
  • COMPOSER_AUTH environment variable.

To verify they are using the same details you can run the command composer show vendorname/packagename --all -vvv

The -vvv makes composer output verbose debug data for example, every time it downloads a file:

Downloading https://repo.magento.com/p/magento/project-community-edition%24some_hash.json

[200] https://repo.magento.com/p/magento/project-community-edition%24some_hash.json

When it loads a config file:

Loading config file /Users/myUser/.composer/auth.json

Very usefully it also does this when it has decided on which auth details to use:

Using HTTP basic authentication with username "my_magento_account_public_key"

This debug data should allow you to identify the issue.

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