We have a Magento 1 installation, and we are moving to Magento 2.

In Magento 1, with layered navigation, catalog page URLS have this structure: domain.com/women/by/brand1-brand2/color1-color2

so, there are 2 parts to this URL:

  1. a static /by/ between the main category and the attributes
  2. selected attributes appear in the URL
  3. different type of attributes are separated by a slash

In the new Magento 2 we are going to have a different structure because our DEV has not being able to replicate it.

Do you have any advice for one of these 2:

  1. replicate the M1 catalog url structure
  2. make a dynamic redirect so that, every time someone ends up on the old catalog URL, it is redirected to the new catalog structure.

The new catalog structure looks like this: domain.com/women/brand1-brand2-color1-color2

Thank you for any advice you can give me


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