In my store (Magento 2.4.1) I have the option for customers to subscribe to our Newsletter using Magento native newsletter module.

I use a thrid party service to send newsletter emails and I need to include the unsubcribe link in this emails. How can I get the unsubscribe link? is this a fixed link or does it change from customer to customer?

Thanks in advance !

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With native Magento Newsletter extension you need to pass 2 arguments to unsubscribe action (id and code) and it's made by security reason to prevent unsubscribe any customer by email.

You can find source data in newsletter_subscriber table

You can share subscriber_id and subscriber_confirm_code into your 3rd party extension and generate a link using this 2 fields or use some another identifier(s) and create custom controller for unsubscribe

If you want to create your custom action you can find unsubscribe logic in \Magento\Newsletter\Controller\Subscriber\Unsubscribe

Native URL is /newsletter/subscriber/unsubscribe/id/{$ID}/code/{$CODE}

  • thanks for your help !
    – Joao71
    Jul 20, 2022 at 9:15

please try this in your template :

<a href="{{var subscriber.getUnsubscriptionLink()}}">Unsubscribe</a>

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