Running the command composer update --with-all-dependencies when trying to upgrade Magento 2.4.2 to 2.4.4. throws this message in red Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages. Below is the full error message that I see in the terminal.

enter image description here

Please note I updated PHP to 8.1 and composer to 2.3.10 before I started the upgrade process. I would request any suggestions/fixes for this issue.

Below are the set of commands I'm planning to run to upgrade. Please confirm if these ones are correct.

composer require magento/product-community-edition 2.4.4 --no-update

composer update --ignore-platform-reqs

php bin/magento s:up

php bin/magento s:s:d -f

php bin/magento s:d:c

php bin/magento in:rein

php bin/magento c:c
  • Exectue below commands. composer require magento/product-community-edition=2.4.4 --no-update
    – S.P
    Jul 18, 2022 at 12:45
  • composer update
    – S.P
    Jul 18, 2022 at 12:45
  • What you get after above command?
    – S.P
    Jul 18, 2022 at 12:45
  • When I executed the first command in your comment above, I got about 5 prompts like this ` magento/magento-composer-installer contains a Composer plugin which is currently not in your allow-plugins config. See getcomposer.org/allow-plugins Do you trust "magento/magento-composer-installer" to execute code and wish to enable it now? (writes "allow-plugins" to composer.json) [y,n,d,?] ` Jul 18, 2022 at 15:31


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