How does one discover which Javascript events exist in Magento 2?

I need to run some Javascript code in an adminhtml form for a custom module. The code should run after the fields are displayed (i.e. the spinner disappears). Is there a Javascript event that runs at that time? Or should I just check the existence of the target field with setInterval?

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Magento doesn't provide any specific JS events for full rendered form or specific elements. You can try to play with contentUpdated, but i guess better to use setInterval

// $ is jQuery
 * @param {string} selector
 * @param {CallableFunction} callback
 * @param {null|$} context
function waitForElement(selector, callback, context) {
    var startTime = Date.now(), checkFrequency = 500, timeout = 10000;
    if (typeof context === 'undefined') {
        context = $('document');
    (function loopSearch() {
        if (context.find(selector).length > 0) {
        } else {
            setTimeout(function () {
                if (timeout && Date.now() - startTime > timeout) {
            }, checkFrequency);

// using like
waitForElement(selector, function(){});
waitForElement(selector, function(){}, $(parentSelector));

Alternative is using uiRegistry

// uiRegistry is uiRegistry
uiRegistry.get('index = field_name', function () {
    // custom logic

See more examples in doc uiRegistry

Also you can use $.Deferred() and $.when(...).then(...)

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