I've set tax 23% for taxable class.

Then I set option "I've enter prices in catalog Magento with tax". Then I set for every place display price with tax.

enter image description here

59,99 zł is correct product price in catalog backend and in frontend. when I add product to the basket, then I see price 59,99zł as without tax and system charge extra 23% tax.

But I enable option catalog prices includes tax, What is going on? enter image description here

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Potrzebujesz pomocy jeszcze? Proszę ustaw poprawny adres wysyłki.

Do you need help yet? Please set correct shipping adres in:

Store -> Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping settings -> Origin (here please set your country)

Now tax should be look good :)

  • I confirm this solution for same problem :) Oct 21, 2022 at 7:36

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