I want to run some queries for reporting purposes and need to display the barcode of each product, but I cannot find it.

I have followed the answer on the following post but I still cannot get the barcode.

Where is bar-code product attribute column in database?

I tried looking in the catalog_eav_attribute table but did not find anything useful and the data filled in




tables did not seem to help either.

Could it be stored on some other table or has there been a problem with the product immigration?

Many thanks and have a great day!

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You are on correct way, but you need to check eav_attribute table.

  • The table eav_attribute contains information about all attributes
  • The table catalog_eav_attribute contains extended attribute properties applicable for catalog

Try to find your barcode attribute by attribute_code in eav_attribute and after you can find attribute_id for value table and type in backend_type.

  • After I find the attribute_id how would I query for it to show when searching for a specific product? (It might be a fairly simple answer but I don't really know SQL that well)
    – LittleDTLe
    Jun 23, 2022 at 8:55

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