We set up website tracking using Welt Pixel extension for Google Tag Manager - set everything up as per documentation - exported JSON file and configured Tag Manager - but for some reason tracking code doesn't show in frontend occasionally (sometimes it does...).

We also see discrepancies:

users and sessions way appart in numbers; clicks from Google Ads, users and their sessions way appart (e.g. 3000 clicks, 60 users, 100 sessions); referral traffic coming from our own domain

We are preparing to test Welt Pixel (turning it on-off and using Magento backend Google Analytics / GTM configuration [which in Magento CE will not allow us to track enhanced ecommerce], re-exporting JSON file from Welt Pixel and re-configuring GTM), but honestly we doubt it is a permanent fix.

Has anyone had similar problem and solved it / found what is the problem?


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