Every product recieves a unique ID, shown on the left on the product page screenshot. I do not choose this nunmber, the number is assigned by the system.

Now I am trying to create a pricefeed with XML template and I need to provide unique product ID in the pricefeed, however my own SKU is too long so I want to use Magentos product ID.

What is the actual internal magento 'attribute code' for the magento product ID to the left? I've checked Product Export Attributes Reference where this specific magento product ID isn't listed.

screenshot magento product page

  • The "product id" is auto-incremented in catalog_product_entity (see "entity_id") Jun 17 at 13:53
  • Thank you very much, that solved my problem! Jun 17 at 14:29

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The "product id" is an auto-incremented field created in catalog_product_entity table.


  • entity_id in catalog_product_entity table

Sort and sweet it's entity_id.

You can use that field for your mapping with xml.

You can check entity_ id field in catalog_product_entity table.

  • Thank you very much! Jun 20 at 14:52
  • you are welcome :) you can accept answer for helping another community member. Jun 20 at 16:11

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