I'm trying to get the file download link as it is shown in the confirmation email eg:


Through REST I can get the file option value:

"option_value" => "image/jpeg,9933FF38-6DDD-4A31-A853-C5869FDD3CC8.jpeg,custom_options/quote/9/9/t7TcenBDNKPbyOZnzxUhyorXAb0jWKYc,custom_options/order/9/9/t7TcenBDNKPbyOZnzxUhyorXAb0jWKYc,/home/example/public_html/pub/media/custom_options/quote/9/9/t7TcenBDNKPbyOZnzxUhyorXAb0jWKYc,155135,800,800,26bfc0c56aaf393e89af

The key is the last part but where does the id come from?

Or is there any other way to retrieve the file via API?


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