Using Magento 1.9.1 and have a problem with Layered navigation and bundle product brands.

I have many simple products that can be part of any bundle product. All of them can be with different manufacturer (brand). If they are part of a bundle, they are marked as "Not visible individually".

I make a new Bundle product, and set some of the simple products as part of the bundle. I also set manufacturer for the bundle product that is different from the children.

In my layered navigation i can see the manufacturer for the bundle product, but also all children. And I would only want to show manufacturer of the bundle.

Only if a simple product is marked as visible in Catalogue, it would show up in the layered navigation.

How do I filter children manufacturer from layered navigation if the child is marked as "not visible individually"?

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Please consider creating 2 separate attributes.

One attribute is "Manufacturer (not visible" and set it as not used in the layered navigation.

And one attribute as just "Manufacturer", set it as Filtered (with results)

  • Not working for this type, because then some of the children can be visible as individual items also. My original post was not totally correct on this point...
    – Nico
    Sep 12, 2014 at 14:01

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