The products Salable Quantity of Simple products shows zero(0). But its Quantity is greater than zero (>0). Due to this product swatches are not showing correctly on the front end.

Magento admin grid showing Product Qty: 1 and Salable Quantity: 0 enter image description here

Frontend Showing size available but when selected and click on Add to Cart button. Then shows an error message of quantity not available. enter image description here

Can anyone please suggest to me here why my store product's Salable Quantity shows zero(0)?

How can I fix this?

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Please check this link:


And in short:

Saleable qty is introduced in magento 2.3 with MSI.

Saleable qty is available qty for sell, ordered qty saved in reservation table.

For more info:


And for disable-stock-reservation you can use Ampersand_DisableStockReservation module:


I hope it will help you

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