I have set up a Magento 2 instance and am trying to modify the email confirmation when ordering. In the admin panel, I found the templates at Marketing => Email templates. But it seems the template doesn't include the blocks of the actual order content. Instead I found this:

{{layout handle="sales_email_order_items" order_id=$order_id area="frontend"}}

I found this mentioned here in the docs where it states:

For example, the sales_email_order_items layout handle is specified in app/code/Magento/Sales/view/frontend/email/order_new.html: {{layout handle="sales_email_order_items" order_id=$order_id area="frontend"}} The sales_email_order_items handle is an XML file located in app/code/Magento/Sales/view/frontend/layout/sales_email_order_items.xml

I have access to the Git project and the admin panel. I can't find the files in the Git repo. Any ideas how I can access and modify this table?

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sales_email_order_items is the layout handle name. Run the composer install, then you can see all Magento module under vendor/magento directory. This is your actual layout file:


This is your template:


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