If I set the "Base skin URL" and " Base media URL" to a domain other than the one used for the "Base URL" the image uploader in the WYSIWYG editor breaks.

The "Media storage" popup appears and I can select an image using the "Browse files..." button but any file I select isn't shown in the list and the " Upload files" button does nothing what so ever.

I already checked the JavaScript console and the access/error logs of my server but nothing seems to happen at all.

How can I fix this? Or is this a 'feature' and do I have to disable my custom/cdn URL settings just to be able to upload a new image?


To use a separate domain, you need to take advantage of Store Views. In System > Configuration, the select box in the upper right-hand corner defaults is where you select what Store View you are configuring. The default is Default Config, which is applied to all store views and the admin (provided that the specific store view does not override the more general/global setting).

Therefore, if you set the Base media url here, that change will be applied to admin AND your store views. I would recommend selecting your store view and making the change there, as that will have no effect on the admin scope and thus it should not break the WYSIWYG editor.

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