I Want to a list off all magento 2 default rest api list. it would be batter if i got all the custome rest api list as well.


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Hello Dear, it is very interesting to get all list please find the below things:

  • Create a token : project path $ curl -X POST "http://magento240.local/rest/V1/integration/admin/token" -H "Content-Type:application/json" -d '{"username":"admin", "password":"admin@123"}'

Then you got the below token and use it in another command

TOKEN - oqbdpoknkvnqluwqsv4xt2js1as38nyf

BASE URL - http://magento240.local

Get a JSON files

Project path $ curl -X POST http://magento240.local/rest/default/schema -H "Authorization: Bearer oqbdpoknkvnqluwqsv4xt2js1as38nyf" > magento2.api.schema.json

  • After that, the "magento2.api.schema.json" is crated on your directory path so you can import it into the Postman.

    Note: This has your all custom API's list as well. If you want to open it in your browser you can use the swagger URL Ex:http://magento240.local/swagger

You can also review the Magento docs from here: magento rest api

Hope this helps you.

Happy coding!


It is a very simple and quick way to get all the rest APIs of the customers.

Go to admin and click on System > Integrations

Step 1. Create add new integration enter image description here

Step 2. Copy access token enter image description here

Step 3. Open http://localhost/swagger and follow below screenshot enter image description here

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