I made an observer for the catalog_product_save_after event.

I need to do some changes to the "brother" products.

To do this, I get the parent product id and then all his childens.

For each children (except the product where the event was triggered) I do my mods and then I call the save() method of \Magento\Catalog\Model\ProductFactory.

When the save() method is called, another event catalog_product_save_after is triggered, so I'm in a loop.

I want to observe the event when the form is submitted from the admin panel only, and not when I save the product programmatically.

What i thought i would do is to pass a parameter when I call the save() method, so next time the event is triggered, if my parameter exists I quit my observer.

I tried setting a session parameter like:


if( $this->_session->getMyParam() !== null ){
    return false;




but doesn't work. It seems the MyParam is always set, so my function return false every time.

Please any suggestion will be appreciated.


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You can use the "normal" php Session.




 $value = isset($_SESSION['PARAMETER_NAME']) ? $_SESSION['PARAMETER_NAME'] : null;

I use this cache prices from an external webservices and it works perfectly.

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