I want to run some shell commands like c:f , c:c etc by using cron.

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Hi you can below code logic to run commands

use Magento\Framework\Exception\LocalizedException;
use Magento\Framework\Process\PhpExecutableFinderFactory;
use Symfony\Component\Process\PhpExecutableFinder;
use Magento\Framework\Shell;
use Magento\Framework\Shell\CommandRenderer;
class CustomModel
    protected $_shell;

     * @var PhpExecutableFinder
    private $phpExecutableFinder;
    public function __construct(
        Shell $_shell,
        PhpExecutableFinderFactory $phpExecutableFinderFactory
    ) {
        $this->_shell = new Shell(new CommandRenderer());
        $this->phpExecutableFinder = $phpExecutableFinderFactory->create();

     * @param string $command
     * @throws LocalizedException
    public function run($command = 'cache:flush')
        $phpPath = $this->phpExecutableFinder->find() ?: 'php';

        $this->_shell->execute('%s %s %s', [$phpPath, BP . '/bin/magento', $command]);

just add this logic to your cron instance


Try this :-

public function __construct(
    \Magento\Framework\App\Cache\Manager $cacheManager
) {
    $this->cacheManager = $cacheManager;

private function whereYouNeedToCleanCache()

    // or this
  • thanks or your answer, but i want to run shell commands other then cache like custom indexers etc. Apr 29, 2022 at 9:19

Here is how I run a checkup for elasticsearch. it may be usefull to you, let me know :)

I'm using linux. nano /etc/crontab

# /etc/crontab: system-wide crontab
# Unlike any other crontab you don't have to run the `crontab'
# command to install the new version when you edit this file
# and files in /etc/cron.d. These files also have username fields,
# that none of the other crontabs do.


# m h dom mon dow user  command    

30 * * * * root php /var/www/html/teststore/app/code/elasticsearch.php

This script will run every 30 minutes.

Inside the php file I do the following instructions.Basically I check if the elasticsearch node is online and if not I kickstart it. Let me know if you need any further assistance


$ch = curl_init("http://localhost:9100");
$response = curl_exec($ch);

    shell_exec('sudo systemctl stop elasticsearch');
    shell_exec('sudo systemctl start elasticsearch');
    shell_exec('sudo systemctl enable elasticsearch');
    shell_exec('sudo php /var/www/html/teststore/bin/magento indexer:reindex');    



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