I am facing an issue with Magento 2 checkout success page. I have added API for SMS to receive final SMS about the order and when SMS is received its showing the "span" stage around the price like below

3 51151 SHJ
**<span class="price">3 AED</span> pos**
Balance: 0

my line of code is:

$textMsg[] = $formatPrice->currency($order->getGrandTotal()).' '." pos ". $order->getPayment()->getCcStatus();

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I assume that the instance of your $formatPrice variable is Magento\Framework\Pricing\Helper\Data

The currency function accepts 3 parameters

public function currency($value, $format = true, $includeContainer = true)
    return $format
        ? $this->priceCurrency->convertAndFormat($value, $includeContainer)
        : $this->priceCurrency->convert($value);

In order to remove the span element, just do this

$formatPrice->currency($order->getGrandTotal(), true, false)

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