We've assigned only configurable products to the categories on our site and so far, we've been having zero issues with it, since only configurable products are shown on front-end and simple products are being hidden. Now we've run into an issue and I don't understand, if this is expected behavior, misconfiguration or even a bug.

When catalog price rule is applied to some category and after cron has finished the indexing, products in the discounted category are discounted correctly. Now, when adding more configurable products to the category that's discounted with catalog price rule, they do not get discounted. Index management shows that some products need to be indexed after they've been added, cron does it, but after that newly added products are not discounted.

However, if simple products are added along with the configurable ones to the category, which is discounted with the catalog price rule and after cron does the indexing, they are discounted. I tried it also on clean Magento 2.4.3-p1 instance and the behavior was identical. I did not find anything about it in the documentation.

Does anyone know, if this is expected behavior? Do simple products need to be added to the category along with configurable ones, in order to apply catalog price rule on category?


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