We`re currently trying to investigate a shop we didn't set up. After trying minifying the css/js the shop stopped loading the correct landingpage. only page that is showing up is the /coming page. We also made a backup. Unfortunately we can't restore it, as we aren't able to access admin backend. I took a look into the config files and found "fronted:admin123" but that also doesn't work.

How could we find out what to do in order to get into admin backend? https://zazzkids.com

That's the domain we are on, server is super slow...

  • Yes, we've got ssh access. I checked backend/frontName, which said admin123. I think I can see the admin panel loading for a split second. But it always ends up at /coming again. pub/.htaccess looks normal to me, I tried setting the shop into developer mode. didn't help either.
    – cf-leon
    Commented Apr 14, 2022 at 9:04

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  • /comming is a non Magento page. So the shop root is redirecting you away. (check nginx/apache rules, check pub/.htaccess if the server uses apache, check pub/index.php for possible redirects).
  • I assume you have SSH access? Login and check app/etc/env.php. Check for backend/frontName to see where the backend admin panel is located.

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