I would like to write a query like

delete from inventory_reservation where JSON_EXTRACT(metadata, '$.object_increment_id') = '<increment_id>'

So I created my expression in my code like

$expression = "JSON_EXTRACT(metadata,'$.object_increment_id') = ?";

And then I try to invoke a delete action like this

$this->resourceConnection->getConnection()->delete($table, [$expression, $order->getIncrementId()]);

However the resulting query is this one

DELETE FROM `inventory_reservation` WHERE (JSON_EXTRACT(metadata,'$.object_increment_id') = ?) AND (5000447466)`

It's not performing a replace on the parameterized query. What am I doing wrong here?

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In case anyone else stumbles into this, I used the following code to prepare the condition to make sure it's properly sanitized.

$condition = $this->resourceConnection->getConnection()->prepareSqlCondition("JSON_EXTRACT(metadata,'$.object_increment_id')", ['eq' => $order->getIncrementId()]);

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