After i upgrade my Magento version to 2.4.3, the product description input field in backend becomes page builder input field, i want to revert it back using the regular wyiswyg input field without disabling the page builder from Store > COnfiguration, how can i achieve this ?

From this: enter image description here

To this: enter image description here

  • you have disable the page builder from store >> configuration >> Content Management >> Advanced Content Tools >> Enable Page Builder to NO. If you need Enable the page builder then customization for that. Commented Mar 21, 2022 at 6:41

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You can disable this quite easily for product descriptions via the stores > product >attribute menu - you can revert the description attribute back to "Text Editor" under Attribute Properties there is a drop down "Catalog Input Type for Store Owner".

enter image description here

Heres a guide...


It can also be done for category descriptions - however it's a little more difficult.

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