I am trying to install MFTF automation testing in Magento's latest version 2.4. I am following the Magento basic documentation. In the Magento root directory, I run the command vendor/bin/mftf build: project in the directory path vendor/magento/magento2-functional-testing-framework it is showing an issue. enter image description here it is not creating a folder MFTF inside the bin folder of the Vendor.

Then I tried to follow the link https://bsscommerce.com/confluence/a-quick-guide-to-automation-test-in-magento-2/ but it is the old Magento version.

Can you please tell me from which location I have to run the command vendor/bin/mftf build: project to add MFTF to the website?

  • Please help me to add Automation testing in Magento 2.4 version Mar 11 at 15:16
  • Is it a typo: space between the build: and project in your command vendor/bin/mftf build: project? You must run this command from the Magento root directory with Magento owner permissions (usually it is www-data). Jun 18 at 16:01


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