When importing a csv spreadsheet I am getting the following error: enter image description here

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In vendor/magento/module-import-export/Model/Export/AbstractEntity.php

You will find

 * Limit of errors after which pre-processing will exit
 * @var int
protected $_errorsLimit = 100;

It's probably the limit that makes you getting that message.

That being said if you want to know what is wrong you probably have more details in var/log/system.log and var/log/exception.log

  • [2022-03-09 15:42:23] report.CRITICAL: The custom_range value wasn't found in the algorithms. {"exception":"[object] (Magento\\Framework\\Exception\\LocalizedException(code: 0): The custom_range value wasn't found in the algorithms. at /app/*/vendor/magento/module-catalog/Model/Layer/Filter/Dynamic/AlgorithmFactory.php:74)"} []
    – Magenteiro
    Mar 9, 2022 at 16:45
  • magento seems ot tell you that you are trying to search or filter with a custom_range algorithm type but that algorithm type does not exist. It might be a configuration issue, check : catalog/layered_navigation/price_range_calculation
    – Claims
    Mar 9, 2022 at 17:08
  • I've already tried changing Stores > Settings > Configuration > Catalog > Layered Navigation > Price Navigation Step Calculation. But I didn't get the expected result.
    – Magenteiro
    Mar 10, 2022 at 18:45

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