I've created a custom column in the report using UI components that use DataProvider in report_listing.xml Unfortunately, this new custom column is not able to sort.

I made also a class for this column which extended Column class Ui\Component\Listing\Column\testColumn::applySorting() to change sorting but this method is only using existing columns from sales_order. I'm only able to sort via existing in sales_order columns.

protected function applySorting()
        $sorting = $this->getContext()->getRequestParam('sorting');
        $isSortable = $this->getData('config/sortable');

        if ($isSortable !== false
            && !empty($sorting['field'])
            && !empty($sorting['direction'])
            && $sorting['field'] === $this->getName()
        ) {

If there is no possibility to somehow made it like that, maybe I can kinda set values for a new column in another way to make possible sorting.

  • please share your xml code so I will check it quickly and easy to for your solution. Feb 23 at 6:00

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Please follow the link provided below to add sorting and filtering of custom column in grid:

Custom Column Sorting in Admin Grid - Magento 2

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