I have a question. I have a Magento Enterprise and have two store views. Each store view has slight different products. What I want is when I am in a store view lets say one of them is called USA and I do a product search I need the search box to realize I am in the "USA" store view and only search for the products that are setup within that store view.

My question is what mysql table would the relationship be stored that connects a product to a specific store view? Or how would I alter the query to take into account what store view the end user is currently viewing?


Change the visibility attribute in your product and then the search results will only show the visible products you have for that storeview.

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  • I have my products setup by going to the Manage Products page. I then change the scope view to a specific store view (lets say the "Singapore store" view). I then click add a product and add all the product details and of course assign it to a "Singapore store" specific category for that store view. However the product is still visible in the search box if I am on the customer facing side of the site and change the store view to say USA store. – Jayreis Sep 10 '14 at 10:50

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