Elasticsearch 7 is used and all the configuration setting are as same as given on devdoc.

Elasticsearch connection is also returning Succesfull

When searching any of the product it does not display any product.

As product is available on website and name attribute of product is also set to searchable(Advance search is also enabled).

Search result display as below

enter image description here

If anyone found the same issue then answer below



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Please check your catalog search engine and change it to Elasticsearch7.

To change search engine value go to Store > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Catalog Search and change value as showing in below image.

enter image description here

After changing the configuration value please run php bin/magento indexer:reindex command and check your search page.

I hope it will help you.


It was due to some config problems of Elasticsearch.

And search_request.xml was also overrided in our custom module.

So If you are upgrading magento website to 2.4.0 or above versions, make sure about your Elasticsearch configurations.

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