I've installed AdFab Avatar extension. It has 2 methods that interest me: getAvatarValid and setAvatar.

setAvatar is called on $_avatar in some .phtml files and getAvatarValid called via $customer->getAvatarValid() in Observer.php.

I wanted to check the source of these methods so I did grep -r "n setAvatar(for both functions) on the whole Magento folder. I didn't get any result. How come? Are they saved in the database :)?


It's most likely that setAvatar() is just calling a magic method to add a value into the data array of whatever object $_avatar is. The call to getAvatarValid() is probably also using a magic method to pull a value assigned to the $customer object in some other code.

See here for a little information on PHP magic methods.

  • Thanks Marius and Jonathan! I have read somwhere about magic methods before but completely forgot about it. – Alan Sep 9 '14 at 14:23

May be where you are finding that method is not available on your searching folders.

May be they are overloading customer and you will find the method over there "$customer"->getAvatarValid().

Find with grep -r "function getAvatarValid()" /root/magento/ you will get your method. Thank you

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